Hotel recreation- therapeutical complex Solva Resor & SPA  was first opened in August 2011. This is a brand-new  and unique in its way hotel complex in Ukraine. It has a beautiful territory of 10 hectares and comfortable rooms. You can find here the refined elegance and luxury with mysterious and clear untouched nature among thoughtful and covered with the tender clouds mountains. Only in the mountains you can observe the lost clouds and you can see how the sky is below the earth. These landscapes charm you with its naturalness and uniqueness.

The complex is situated not far from the sanatorium “Solnechnoye Zakarpattya”. It is a large balneological gastroenterologic health resort at a height of 340 metres above the sea level at the North-Eastern foot of Vihorlat-Gutin (Volcanic) Carpathian mountains ridge in the Tyhiy hole at the place of hunting house of Austrian count Shenborn-Boohgame that used to stand here.

On the territory of the complex thanks to the unique climatic and geological conditions from the depths of the Earth the healing sources of mineral water “Polyana Kvasova” come up. It is like “the elixir of life” that can make miracles of healing and renovation. To treat our guests we use the water not only for drinking but it is also the basis of all balneological procedures.

Seven-storeyed building of the main building has the original architectural project. You can feel the real value of things in the hotel in every detail, chosen materials, color range, furniture and bedclothes quality. Everything here is filled with respect to the private life and rest. At this place everything reminds you about peace and conciliation that helps to the complete recovery. Here you have everything to go deep into the reigned atmosphere of tranquility and silence, to learn how to listen to your body, to obey its inside rhythm, to restore the balance of your body.

«Solva Resort & SPA» proposes you the great conditions of staying that even the most exacting guests will like. There are 65 rooms for 130 persons in the main building of complex. At your service there are also houses in the wood where you can stay alone and feel the peace and nothing won’t disturb it.

We use the modern methods and well-recommended procedures in the clinic of our health resort complex. The treatment procedures are prescribed after the doctor’s advice after ultrasonic diagnostics that is done with help of modern equipment.

Well-developed infrastructure of the complex let our guests to find an occupation to fit any taste, in every season of the year, for every weather.

For those who prefer active rest we propose tennis courts with modern equipment, volley-ball pitch, outdoor and indoor pools, baths. For everyday use there are restaurants, lobby and lounge-bars, conference hall, billiards room and a nice hall with the fireplace.

The service stuff of the complex will take care of everything and will make your staying in the hotel without any troubles. The reigned here atmosphere is the atmosphere with natural cordiality and sincere hospitality.

The infrastructure of the complex includes medical center with modern equipment, 370 comfortable rooms, pump room with mineral waters, Spa center with mini aquapark, gym, baths and beauty salon, entertaining center with night club, billiards and bowling, tennis courts and place for bow shooting in the open-air. There are also 2 restaurants, 6 bars, 3 conference halls, children café, mini club for children and a playground, bank and shopping mall.

The person can be the closest to the sky in the mountains. On the hills you can see the lost clouds. They are so low that it seems you can jump and reach them with your hand. Where else can you see the sky is below the earth? That is possible only in the mountains.