The basis of every natural process is the harmony. And the basis of cookery in Solva Resort & Spa has the same concept. The harmony of taste is in the basis of Transcarpathian cuisine which is in priority.

Great and simple dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine are very popular far away from our region. They are well appreciated by gourmands. One of the secrets of success is a multinational composition of population that settles in the South-Western slopes of Carpathians from the earliest times.

And nowadays more than 30 nationalities live here. Those are Ukrainians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Russians, Gypsies, Germen, Jews, Poles, Bulgarians and others. That is why during the ages the Carpathian cuisine was taking all the best and all the “tastiest” of these people. Today it is difficult to find the difference of dishes by the national features. That is why you cannot find the most exact name than the name of “Transcarpathion ” and that is correct.