The type of Solva Resort & Spa hotel complex gives the opportunity to take good care of every guest including his individual needs and to make his staying comfortable as much as possible. We propose the combination of excellent conditions of staying with the wide choice of services that corresponds to high European standards.

At your service are:

The gym

You can work out and improve your health in our modern gym. The spacious gym has 300 square meters and has the different weightlifting and cardio equipment of world known producers.

The latest ventilation and conditioning systems make the exercising comfortable and attractive.

There is a trainer in the gym that can give you an advice in any moment or can help you with exercises and exercise equipment.

The gym is open every day from 8am to 22pm.

Exercising in the gym is included in the price of staying.

Tennis cords

There are three outdoor courts on the territory of complex. There is also an oservation area and equipped changing rooms and shower cubicles. The visitors of cords can use the equipment for the game.

Playing on the tennis cords not only distracts you from negative thoughts but also helps to keep you in a good mood. It also helps to develop arm and leg muscles, to make better your coordination of movements and respiratory system! Tennis stimulates both intellectual and physical development. It contributes and improves your health and it raises the immunity.

At the same time you can just enjoy playing tennis.


Billiards is the incredible deep, nice and interesting game. It hides limitless possibilities and it’s a great pastime. Billiards is considered as one of the most democratic sport entertainments because it doesn’t require special physical efforts. You can play it at different ages, with all physical shapes. You can play it in company or alone.